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ORCHESTRA BAOBAB - Spectacles et Musiques du Monde, promotion des ...

En 2001, la formation sénégalaise a fait son grand retour en studio et sur scène après 16 ans de silence, devenant du même coup l’un des groupes les plus anciens de la planète encore en activité. L’Orchestra Baobab en a profité pour collectionner les critiques élogieuses et récolter 2 Radio Awards de la BBC et une nomination aux Grammy pour “Specialist In All Styles”. Récemment, dans le prolongement de longues tournées internationales, l’Orchestra Baobab a retrouvé le chemin des clubs de sa ville natale, Dakar, une expérience directement à l’origine de leur nouveau [suite...]

Date: 2007-10-22 07:00:00

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Pour le grand quotidien algérien Liberté, Wade ne - Infosen, les ...

Pour le grand quotidien algérien Liberté, Wade ne désespère pas d’installer son fils Karim à la tête du pays Connu pour sa liberté de ton, le grand quotidien francophone algérien, Liberté tiré à 150 000 exemplaires, indique dans un article au vitriol que le président Wade n’a pas renoncé à installer son fils à la tête du pouvoir. Vers une dynastie Wade au Sénégal donné dans les années 1980 comme l’exemple même de l’alternance des pouvoirs en Afrique ? Abdoulaye Wade veut, envers et contre tout, mettre son fils Karim au pouvoir. L’opposition et la société [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-16 09:35:47

Dakar West Africa, Dakar city, Dakar Senegal tourism

Dakar is one of the undiscovered pearls of West Africa, although you might know it best for the annual rally that it lends its name to. And just as the Paris-Dakar Rally is not just any conventional rally you might be used to following, Dakar is unlike any African experience you might have undertaken. Exuberant and vivacious, Dakar has burst into life ever since it cast off three centuries of French colonialism in 1960 and it is almost as if the city has been racing against time itself to make up for every lost moment it had to endure. Dakar is dragging Senegal screaming and dancing by the [suite...]

Date: 2010-08-17 09:30:48

African Singer Youssou Ndour Launches TV Station

DAKAR, Senegal (AP) — You would be forgiven for thinking that the launch of this country's newest TV station was an event backed by Senegal's government. The prime minister arrived in a cortege of cars, their sirens blaring. So did numerous other ministers, flanked by bodyguards. They all made their way to the front of a stage where under the purple spotlights they warmly embraced the station's owner, pop star Youssou Ndour. But Senegal's ruling party has forbidden Ndour from doing newscasts on his channel, and his license allowing him to do "cultural programming" was only granted after [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-10 09:35:00

Senegal A Muslim Country Of Western Africa

Located in between some of the desiccate desert lands and lush tropical forests with lots of natural sites and beautiful landscapes this country boasts a stunning array of enormous colors sounds and flavors. There are several popular places, beaches and gardens in this fascinating destination which is completely composed of elegance and hustle all rolled into one. The busy streets, vibrant markets and glittering nightlife will easily draw you into their relentless rhythm. So feel free while traveling to this auspicious destination where you can enjoy every moment and every bit of your journey [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-18 09:17:55

Expatriate Pay: Senegal, Dakar Cost of Living April 2010

One of the most frightening decisions a person has to make when considering a job abroad is "How much do I need to earn to have a similar standard of living?". Get the answer wrong and you could spend years on assignment battling to make ends meet with little to show for it. I discuss issues impacting on Expatriate Pay to help Expats make better decisions around their pay. Xpatulator.com Country Full Name: Republic of Senegal. Location: Senegal is in Western Africa, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, between Guinea-Bissau and Mauritania. Country Climate: Tropical; hot, humid; rainy season [suite...]

Date: 2010-06-24 06:00:00

Mission to Africa – Senegal | Coast Guard Compass

DAKAR, Senegal- ME3 Shawn Cooper demonstrates handcuffing techniques to members of a Senegalese Navy law enforcement detachment, Sept. 1, 2010. These operations were part of the African Maritime Law Enforcement Partnership program. U.S. Coast Guard Photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Victoria Bonk. This week CGC Mohawk pulled into Dakar, Senegal, and wrapped our work with the Senegalese Navy. We spent five days along the coast of Senegal and their Exclusive Economic Zone assisting local officials in enforcing national laws and regulations as well as obtaining information on vessels and [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-08 21:13:09

» Emirates airline opened Dakar route, Docking West Africa Freight ...

September 1, EK797 Flight 105 from Emirates destinations in Dakar sail to Senegal marks the first-Dubai direct flight on a regular basis the official opening. September 1, EK797 Flight 105 from Emirates destinations in Dakar sail to Senegal marks the first-Dubai direct flight on a regular basis the official opening. The new route will be via Dubai for business and leisure travelers a fast and convenient air service. Emirates Vice President Mr. Liu Rongzhu Greater China, said: “Dakar will be the opening of new routes between China and Africa tie the western region, from Senegal, passengers [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-10 02:08:43


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Vincenti Study Abroad Scholarship Application, USA : College ...

Currently supported programs include Granada, Spain; Madrid, Spain; Seville, Spain; Santiago, Chile; Padua, Italy; Aix-en-Provence and Paris, France; Lausanne, Switzerland; and Dakar, Senegal. Awards are based on students’ academic achievements, strength of application and financial need. To apply, students must complete this Vincenti Scholarship application. Please answer all questions as completely as possible, as the information you provide will assist the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures in its review of applications. This form must be returned to the RLL main office, [suite...]

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