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Programme Africain de la fête de l'Huma 2010 - le blog voix-africaine

VOCE AFRICANA LE GRIOT DES ETATS UNIS D'AFRIQUE Supplément Fête de l'Huma des 10, 11 et 12 septembre de l'agenda des actions africaines en région parisienne - Comme d'habitude si vous recevez cet agenda pour la première fois et si vous souhaitez le recevoir régulièrement chaque début de mois, sachez qu'il est gratuit : il suffit de m'autoriser à vous le transmettre jp.vanhoove@wanadoo.fr - si vous souhaitez ne plus le recevoir merci de faire STOP Lieu : parc de la Courneuve – Pour s'y rendre Gare du Bourget RER puis prendre les navettes Programme africain du Village du Monde Lieu : [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-11 00:07:00

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Senegal, filthy, filthy Senegal. Last night I dreamed of you…

I dreamed I had never left Senegal, was still with Annie there, walking Dakar, standing on the balcony of the Hotel Oceanic spitting olive pits to the street below. We were separated, and I found myself alone on the streets, walking, in the way that one may walk for two reasons or not, looking for her, and exploring for myself. I found a clear shallow river and with the help of a young man, sincere and hunch-backed as a mutt, began a game of football there, other players rising from the waters. We won terribly, easily, again and again, splashing across the rocks. The game was short, but when [suite...]

Date: 2007-07-31 04:05:52

Gourmet Pigs: Little Senegalese at Bissap Baobab (San Francisco)

Besides the fact that it was in Africa, everything I knew about Senegal (for example, their official language is French) right before my dinner at Bissap Baobab I owe to a quick read of the Wikipedia article. We were greeted by a tall well-built guy speaking French. The place was hopping and we had to wait a few minutes for a table. I decided to have a drink and tried the Tusker, a Kenyan pale lager ($4) My friends went instead with the Coconut-infused rum. Be careful with these, they are as easy to drink as a Calpico soda and you can get drunk in no time (plus they're reasonably priced, [suite...]

Date: 2010-07-30 15:58:00

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