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conakry - un incendie sest produit jeudi à conakry dans un bâtiment abritant du matériel électoral devant servir au second tour de la présidentielle en guinée, au lendemain du report de ce scrutin que lunion africaine, lonu et la france veulent voir organisé dès que possible. lincendie, dorigine accidentelle selon des membres de la commission électorale, sest déclaré dans laprès-midi au sein du camp militaire almany samory touré de conakry. lédifice touché, qui abritait une partie des 5,5 millions de bulletins de vote, des 12.000 urnes et des isoloirs, na pas été détruit, [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-16 20:00:16

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Juris Blogger: Litigation and Consequences: New Breed of Patent ...

On Tuesday, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower court ruling that had dismissed Mr. Stauffer's case saying he didn't have standing to bring it. "Every plaintiff who brings one of these cases is a private attorney general who is doing a service to the United States, and I'm doing the same," says Mr. Stauffer, a lawyer in Roseland, N.J. Brooks Brothers and a lawyer who represents it in the case didn't respond to requests for comment. The way Mr. Stauffer calculates it, the liability could be huge. Brooks Brothers had erroneously marked 120 different styles of ties, which [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-02 23:56:00

Federal Judge Halts Planting of GM Sugar Beets For Now

The Court also struck down another major argument that Defendants’ Groups were hanging their hat on: economic consequences.  The Court found that because the Ninth Circuit position with respect to remand without vacatur is limited to serious environmental injuries, it is not clear whether economic consequences is a factor a court may consider in environmental cases. In addition to seeking an invalidation and vacation of APHIS’ deregulation decision, plaintiffs also sought an injunction that would have also banned the growing of the crops.   Being bound by a recent Supreme Court [suite...]

Date: 2010-08-16 13:24:37

Hot Air » Ninth Circuit: Feds can use “state secrets privilege” to ...

So in essence, if you were a liberal voter circa 2008, you should have had two reasons to never worry about this scenario: Either Obama would discontinue rendition or else a left-wing court would make him suffer the consequences. Surprise. By a six-to-five vote, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, reversing an earlier decision, dismissed a lawsuit against Jeppesen Dataplan Inc., a Boeing subsidiary accused of arranging flights for the C.I.A.’s “extraordinary rendition” program, as it is known. The American Civil Liberties Union filed the case on behalf of five [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-09 00:10:31

Sights on Pennsylvania: Appeals Court Effectively Blocks Hazleton ...

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia handed down its ruling today that states federal law largely pre-empts states and local municipalities from enacting their own laws to deal with local issues as a result of illegal immigration. Michael Rubinkam of the Associated Press quoted the following opinion from the courts ruling. "It is ... not our job to sit in judgment of whether state and local frustration about federal immigration policy is warranted. We are, however, required to intervene when states and localities directly undermine the federal objectives embodied in statutes [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-09 18:18:00

Juris Blogger: Litigation and Consequences: U.S. Won't Seek ...

But some of the government's trial-court success on Enron has unraveled in the appellate courts. In 2006, for example, the Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals overturned the fraud and conspiracy convictions of Mr. Brown and the other defendants from Merrill, which was purchased in January 2009 by Bank of America Corp. The appellate court upheld Mr. Brown's conviction for perjury and obstruction of justice in connection with the Enron investigation. As a result of the appellate ruling, Mr. Brown and the three other Merrill defendants were released from prison at various points in 2006. In [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-16 13:18:00

Woodrow Wilson teen suspect case in Circuit Court | WAVY.com ...

Wilson shooting case in Circuit Court. The case against a Woodrow Wilson high school student accused … Atty: Alleged school shooter was abused. The defense attorney for the 15-year-old boy accused of firing … Woodrow Wilson teen suspect in court ... Daki Stith, 15, said, "I know consequences are gonna come, but I still think he deserves a second chance." Freshman Danielle Fisher said, "He did it so he should get in trouble, but I never knew him to be a guy like that." [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-08 12:16:34

Akathisia - Crime and Consequences Blog

On Thursday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit heard arguments in Shuman v. Spencer, a habeas corpus case in which a man convicted of double homicide is seeking a new trial, alleging ineffective assistance of counsel. The appellant, Robert Shuman, claims his trial lawyer failed to raise the defense that he killed two business associates because his ingestion of Zoloft caused a drug-induced state of agitation called akathisia. The "deference" standard applicable on federal habeas corpus should be more than sufficient to reject this claim at the present stage of the [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-10 16:39:07

Court Challenges to Federal Funding of Embryonic Stem-cell ...

Two days later, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia issued an administrative stay of Lamberth’s injunction “to give the court sufficient opportunity to consider the merits of” the administration’s request for an emergency stay, further stating that the administrative stay “should not be construed in any way as a ruling on the merits of that motion.” That same day Advocates International, part of the public-interest legal team that brought the case over a year ago, announced that their clients had “filed a comprehensive summary [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-14 16:15:34

Trial Counsel May Advise Clients On Amending Claims Subject To ...

Second, plaintiff had the right to formulate consistent litigation strategy because “choices made before the PTO have consequences in this court.” This case is significant in what it adds to the Federal Circuit’s recent precedential Order in Deutsche Bank, which was silent on the issue regarding patent reexamination.  Judge Thynge recognized the key differences between patent prosecution and patent reexamination, such as the inability to broaden claims in reexamination and the importance of maintaining consistent arguments across the two parallel proceedings.  Relying on Deutsche [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-10 19:04:14

Padilla's Collateral Effect | Invisible Man

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals recently affirmed a grant of habeas relief to a petitioner whom it found to have received ineffective assistance of counsel. The case is Bauder v. Dep't of Corrections, State of Fla. (Case No. ... It concluded that even though a “civil commitment” sentence might be considered an “adverse collateral consequence” of a conviction, the petitioner's attorney was still required under Padilla to advise the client that the charges at issue might [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-15 21:54:23

RCFP: Media groups file Supreme Court brief in video game case

The media group's brief asks the Supreme Court to affirm the Ninth Circuit's decision. The media groups argue that California's attempt to regulate depictions of violence in video games, like the federal government's attempt to ban depictions of animal cruelty, impermissibly infringes on the ... Depriving expression of First Amendment protection because of its violent content would have serious consequences to the reporting of news in a violent world, the brief argues . [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-17 21:31:21

Français Inductance www.tool-tool.com

La définition la plus courante d'inductance propre est la suivante : La surface circonscrite par un circuit électrique parcouru par un courant I est traversée par le flux du champ magnétique (appelé autrefois flux d’induction) . L’inductance L du circuit électrique est alors définie comme le rapport entre le flux embrassé par le circuit et le courant : Il est important de préciser que le flux en question est celui produit par le courant I et non celui provenant d'une autre source (courant, aimant, etc.). Malgré sa popularité, cette définition présente deux inconvénients. Le [suite...]

Date: 2009-02-27 05:58:34

Suite N°1 Georges Lakhovsky (l'apôtre de l'universion) - Le blog ...

Géomancie : "La Terre Vous Parle" La Géomancie décrypte les aspects les plus complexes de nos interrogations. Cette pratique est d'une exceptionnelle puissance. Elle est aussi un étonnant outil de développement personnel. La démarche est simple, précise, d'application immédiate. Opérer les choix les meilleurs, c'est ce qui est proposé par Seize Figures Divinatoires. Découvrir,  Assembler,  Décoder  les  Messages, La  Réponse  est  Là  en  sa  Réalité  Surprenante. La Haute Fréquence et ses Multiples Applications, par Michel Adam Lib. Edit. de la Radio [suite...]

Date: 2010-08-26 14:30:00

Moteur électrique hors-bord Torqeedo Travel 1003S

Sa conception est entièrement étanche IP67 (tous les composants peuvent être immergés pendant 1 heure à 1 mètre de profondeur sans aucun dommage). De plus, le moteur hors bord électrique Torqeedo Travel 1003S avec batterie intégrée dispose d'un GPS intégré qui affiche des données précises en temps réel sur l'état de charge de la batterie, la distance restant à parcourir en fonction de la vitesse (affichage de l’état de charge, de la vitesse, de la consommation en Wh). grâce à sa puce GPS. La batterie du moteur hors bord électrique Torqeedo Travel 1003S de 400Wh a [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-09 07:00:00

HONDA : Grand prix de Grèce, Julien confirme, Jeremy reste leader!

A LA UNE EDITO NEWS FOCUS ESSAIS Berline Break Monospace Coupé/Cabriolet 4x4/Crossover Prestige Super Sport 2 Roues REPORTAGES Evasion Portrait Sport Salon Concept-car Musée Clubs et Associations Visites Espace Vert NOSTALGIE BON'OCCAZE LIBRAIRIE Biblio Automobile Modèles réduits Tüning Moto Littérature / Romans People Animaux Policier / Suspense Histoire / Actualité BD / Humour Jeunesse Sciences Cuisine / Vins Art / Musique / Cinéma Tourisme / Voyages / Nature Livres dédiés Sport / Loisirs / Vie pratique Guides / Atlas Jardinage / Bio / [suite...]

Date: 2010-08-31 08:26:00

Cyberlaw Cases , Archive » The 9th Circuit's Final Word on the ...

On August 26, 2009, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, sitting en banc, issued an opinion in United States v. Comprehensive Drug Testing. On December 18, 2009, the Court issued an order saying, “The court is considering whether it should grant panel or full-court rehearing in this matter and will issue an order granting or denying rehearing in due course.” The answer came in the form of a revised en banc opinion issued today accompanied by this order: “The revised opinion filed concurrently herewith shall constitute the final action of the court. No petitions for [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-14 04:47:21

The EEOC and the Court - JDs Rising

I recently came across a DC Circuit case, which stated that an employee, if dissatisfied with the EEOC result, before appealing or refiling their claims in district court, that employee may accept the results of the winning claims and pursue the losing claims in court. Even though this case comes to us from the DC Circuit, it certainly helps to set the precedent that not all is doomed after a resolution of the case.  Or, will attorneys be concerned that the case may just never die? The DC Circuit case is Payne v. Salazar, No. 09-5291 (D.C. Cir. Sept. 7, 2010).   The three judge panel [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-15 14:37:31

Shaw Valenza LLP : Publications

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals reversed, holding that the discrimination was completed when the test was scored and discovered when the applicants learned the results (i.e., more than 300 days before plaintiffs filed the charge). The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously reversed the Seventh Circuit. The Court found that a plaintiff who does not file a timely charge challenging the adoption of a hiring practice may file a claim challenging the application of the practice as long as each of she alleges each of the elements of a disparate-impact claim (i.e., that the employer “uses a [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-13 05:00:00

Copyright Alert: Appeals Court's Impact on E-Book Royalties ...

In a decision with implications for royalty accounting, and the publishing industry in general, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that rapper Eminem’s production company was entitled to 50% of his record label’s revenue from digital sales. The issue in F.B.T. Productions v. Aftermath Records was whether a digital download was a “sale” or a “license.” Like the music industry, publishers have taken the position that digital downloads should be accounted for as sales, not licenses.  Typically, the royalty rate paid for subsidiary rights revenue is split 50/50 between [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-15 13:26:57

Wash Park Prophet: Federal Court Nominations Scorecard

At the same point in George W. Bush’s presidency (September 13, 2002), 13 of his nominees had been confirmed to the circuit courts. . . . Obama has also placed two justices on the Supreme Court. George W. Bush secured appointments of two Supreme Court justices but not until his second term in office. . . . at the same point in his first term, Clinton had placed thirteen circuit court judges and two Supreme Court Justices . . . . There are currently 20 vacancies in the circuit courts. On September 13, 2002 there were 28 circuit court vacancies. . . . So far, 30 individuals nominated by Obama [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-15 18:08:00

Copyright Alert: Appeals Court's Impact on E-Book Royalties | Copylaw

In a decision with implications for the publishing industry the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that rapper Eminem’s production company was entitled to 50% of his record label’s revenue from digital sales.  The issue in F.B.T. Productions v. Aftermath Records was whether a digital download was a “sale” or a “license.” Like the music industry, publishers have taken the position that digital downloads should be accounted for as sales not licenses.  Typically, the royalty rate paid for subsidiary rights revenue is split 50/50 between the author and publisher, [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-14 15:53:00

FRE 401, Probative Value & Facts Of Consequence To The ...

But deciding that the crime required a showing of proximate cause also meant that evidence excluded by the court because it was related to proximate cause was also erroneously excluded. As explained the the circuit, the evidence of the policies of the agent's employing agency was relevant under FRE 401: "Contrary to the district court's conclusion, evidence of CBP policies on spike strips was relevant to the issue of causation. As we have already explained, 8 U.S.C. § 1324(a)(1)(B)(iv) does contain a proximate cause requirement. For a defendant to be found guilty of transportation of [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-01 09:06:59

Chchah mat : der grüne Affe

Les parenthèses, très longues, indiquent ce qui serait arrivé si telle pièce eût joué de telle autre manière, ce qui eût entraîné telles ou telles conséquences tout à fait différentes, comme une erreur d'1/100e de degré dévie la fusée de façon irrémédiable. Ensuite je remonte la parenthèse, coup à coup, incapable de reconstituer la position antérieure, ou refusant l'effort de le faire, de lâcher le cordon. Il fau tbien avouer que je ne comprends pas grand-chose aux théorisations (« Les Noirs ne peuvent annuler que si le roi est séparé du pion par un intervalle [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-17 10:10:59

Le Projet de circuit de Formule 1 des Yvelines ne sera jamais ...

Le Projet de circuit de Formule 1 des Yvelines ne sera jamais favori ou alors on marche sur la tête ! Mercredi 12 novembre 2008, le Courrier de Mantes a publié un article intitulé : « Le mouvement «anti-circuit » de F1 s’organise. ». Vous me direz, quoi de neuf ? Et je vous répondrai, qu’il n’y a pas grand-chose !!! Effectivement, cet article reprend l’information de la manifestation que les élus Verts, accompagnés par les militants d’ATAC ont organisés, sur le terrain de la Ferme de la Haye, là où le circuit ne sera jamais construit !!! Il n’y a rien de plus en [suite...]

Date: 2008-11-17 18:29:12

3eme partie électricité - grille de compétences - Mon prof de physique

Rappels importants C1 Principe général d’un circuit électrique C2 Tension et unité standard C3 Intensité et unité standard C4 Résistance électrique et unité standard C5 Influence de la  résistance sur l’intensité (à tension fixée) C6 Définition d’un « court-circuit » et conséquences C7 Situations possibles de court-circuit en classe C8 Situations possibles de court-circuits à la maison C9 Vocabulaire : «  secteur »  C10 Savoir pourquoi  il ne faut pas faire d’expériences avec le secteur , et pourquoi . Energie ; production d’électricité C11 Les [suite...]

Date: 2008-09-04 16:32:00

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